We truly appreciate the trust you put in us when you allow us to take your portrait ???? We thought you’d like to know what we do with it!

802 Magic uses the photos we take at events to make prints for you and to provide you with a digital copy, upon request. We keep the photos stored in our digital storage array so that you may re-order prints or digital copies at any time in the future. Only the person who commissioned and/or paid for the original photo may place orders for prints.

No personal identifying information gets stored with your photos. There’s no name, phone number or email address associated with the photos in any way.

802 Magic WILL NOT use your photos for any other purpose than what is described above without your prior, written consent. This includes marketing, displaying or reselling of any kind by any entity. Only the person who commissioned the original photo decides who gets to see it. We don’t want photos of you or your kids floating around any more than you do, we take this policy VERY seriously.

802 Magic retains the copyright to all original photos. Please don’t remove the watermark from digital copies of photos that we provide to you.