Thank you for your photo purchase from 802 Magic! Along with your print, you can also request a complimentary digital version of your photo for sharing with friends and family on social media. Every print you purchase from our photo booth includes an ID number and a date printed on a sticker on the back. This uniquely identifies each print and allows us to provide you with a free digital version.

Simply fill out and submit the form below. You'll need to fill out the form once for each photo you want a digital copy of. A proof of your photo will be emailed to you to confirm that we retrieved the correct one. Once you confirm that it's the right photo, your finalized digital copy will be emailed to you.

This is a manual process. To maximize quality, we edit photos slightly differently for print and digital versions. Also, in an effort to keep your photos safe and private, we don't keep them anywhere on the Internet. While we try to fulfill each request as quickly as possible, in some rare cases it might take a day or two before we can get your digital photo to you.

Click here for more information regarding the digital copy, or for purchasing options of a full size digital copy and/or copyright transfer.

Digital Copy Request Form

Please only request photos that belong to you. Note that we log the IP address and other identifying information for each photo request in the event that anyone makes unauthorized use of this service. We take this policy VERY seriously.

Your first and last name, please

This is where we send the photo, so please ensure you have it spelled right!

Found on the back of your original print, here's an example:

Label example

Information Regarding the Digital Copy

The digital copy we provide you is intended for sharing on the web and/or social media. It's sized perfectly for such use and it's watermarked with the 802 Magic logo. It is NOT sized for making your own prints. Attempts to make prints using this digital copy will end up with poor results. If you want more high quality copies of your prints with no watermark, please go to our Order page and request them there. Our turnaround time is typically quick and our prices are very affordable.

Purchasing Options For Full Size Digital

If you'd like to have a full size digital copy for making your own prints or using in other media, or if you'd like to do a complete copyright transfer so you gain full rights to the final processed image, click here to go to the order page where you'll find more details and pricing information on those options. If you have multiple photos you'd like to get full size digital copies of, contact us for a package deal.